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Friday, 7 October 2016

iPhone 7

Colour: Black
  • Keep everything you love about iPhone up to date, secure, and accessible from any device with iCloud.
  • Multi-Touch display with IPS technology.
  • With just a single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before.
  • The 12-megapixel iSight camera captures sharp, detailed photos. It takes 4K video, up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video.


Top Customer Reviews

Color: Black
i think the 7 or 7 Plus is well worth upgrading to. I have noticed a pretty large speed increase from my iPhone 6s. iMessage is a lot faster and snappier. Safari pages load quicker. Part of it could be iOS 10 which I did not install in my 6s but overall the 7 is faster and everything seems smoother.

The lack of a home button has not bothered me at all. They have 3 home button setting, different settings - those seem like they do almost nothing. Mine was defaulted to setting 2 and I left if there. The Taptic feedback in the button area works great.

I think the 32g - 128g - 256g is perfect. 32g will get most people by and 128 is plenty. 256 for those taking lots of pictures and videos. I am glad they canned the 16g.

The camera is better, low light shots look way better. I did not get the dual camera 7 Plus but the 7's camera definitely is improved.

Colors - I have the Black and it looks awesome, no lines very clean look. The 7's camera is a bigger so it will not fit in most 6 cases. I saw the a Glossy Black and it is gorgeous but scratches easily. Most people will use a case so in the end the colors may not really matter. Only if you want a white from or black but the Black and Jet Black do look great.

The 7 is a major upgrade over anything from the 6 on down. If you have the 6s you may want to try out a 7 and see if the speed and camera upgrades are worth it for you.

By AJ Grant on October 4, 2016
Color: Black

This is the best looking iPhone yet in my mind. First off the antenna lines on the rear of the phone are moved more to the top and bottom of the phone and blend in more than they did on the iPhone 6/6S. Even better, if you have the black or jet black versions, they don’t really show up at all. Overall, it looks similar to the 6/6S, but feels like the final, evolved version of the design. The size feels great and overall, it is just a beautiful phone.

As stated above, the iPhone 7 has added both black and jet black colors. They haven’t utilized a true black color since the iPhone 4/4S, and these new colors truly look so much better than the space gray of old. Also as mentioned, they almost completely hide the antenna lines which is a huge plus. My personal pick would be the jet black, but the regular black looks much better in real life than it does on the Apple website where it looks more gray than it truly is. You can also still get the phone in gold, silver, and rose gold variations.

The home button is now not an actual “button,” but utilizes the 3D touch like capability to simulate the idea you are pressing a button. The settings options gives three different modes to simulate this, and after only a day, I completely got used to it. The fingerprint sensor is as fast as ever which makes unlocking your phone a consistent and seamless experience. I have faced very few occasions where my fingerprint didn't accurately register.

The iPhone series has officially become waterproof! By doing this, it makes me feel so much more secure in just the day to day tasks of using my phone. If I’m caught in a rainstorm, it is reassuring to not have to tuck the phone and run like a football player

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